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  Yusuf (pbuh) was a honest and hardworking servant, he was soon put in charge of the house duties. Zulaikhah the wife of the leader became infatuated with young man and lusted for his affections. Yusuf (pbuh) could see the changes in her and took every chance he could to avoid her.

Zulaikhah was successful in trapping him in her chamber one evening. She intended to have him to herself. Yusuf (pbuh) realized the wickedness of her intentions and tried to escape her. She was furious and ripped his shirt trying to keep him in her room. He escaped through the chamber door, and bumped into the king himself. The queen angered at the rejection called out for help. Yusuf (pbuh) tried to proclaim his innocence and told them that she was the guilty one. One of the relatives came forward in the matter and said that if his shirt was torn from the back that he was not the aggressor and that she must be the guilty one. The ruler seeing that his own wife was the guilty one told Yusuf (pbuh) to forget the incident and forbid his wife from going near Yusuf (pbuh) again.

Once the story had gotten around about the scandalous events in Zulaikhah's chambers, many of the women of the nobility became curious. They too became infatuated by the beauty of Yusuf (pbuh). When the king learned the scandalous going's on over Yusuf (pbuh) he decided to throw him in prison. Even in prison Yusuf's (pbuh) manners, charmed the guards.

Yusuf (pbuh) was imprisoned with two other men. One day the men had been plagued with dreams. They told the dreams to Yusuf (pbuh). One saw he was extracting juice from ripe grapes and the other saw that he was carrying a basket of bread over his head, and birds we're feeding from it. Yusuf (pbuh) hesitantly told the men his interpretation of their dreams. The first man would be pardoned for his crimes and let go. Then he would be allowed to reclaim his position of serving drinks to his master. He told the second that he would be crucified for his crimes and birds of prey would feed from his body. When the first prophecy came true he begged the man to tell the Pharaoh about his gift. The man agreed but later forgot.

A few years later the king became plagued with dreams, each night they we're the same. He called for all of the best interpreters in the kingdom and none seemed to give him the right answer. It was then that his servant remembered Yusuf (pbuh) and told his master that he may find his answers in the prison. He told the man to seek out Yusuf (pbuh).

He told Yusuf (pbuh) the dream. In his dream, he had seen seven fat cows emerging from the river, followed by seven weak ones. The weak cows devoured the fat ones. He then saw seven green and healthy ears of wheat followed by seven dry ones. The dry ones ate up the green ones. Yusuf (pbuh) explained that the seven fat cows and seven healthy ears of wheat represented years of prosperity. The seven weak cows and the seven dry ears of wheat represented the seven years that would follow. A great famine and drought would destroy the animals and the crops. He advised the king to take precautions now against the famine.

The ruler listened to the interpretation of his dreams, he knew that Yusuf (pbuh) was telling the truth and quickly pardoned Yusuf (pbuh). He reinstated him to the house and his work. Then quickly made Yusuf (pbuh) the chief administrator of the kingdoms crops. Yusuf (pbuh) went to work increasing productivity and building huge warehouse's in which they may seal the grain. He secured every aspect to save the people from the coming famine.

As seen in the dream on the eighth year a great drought struck the people in and all around Egypt. The news of Yusuf (pbuh) and his warehouses traveled quickly outside of Egypt. People began to pour into Egypt looking for work and substance. The famine had even reached the land of Kin'an. Ya'qub (pbuh) sent his sons to the kingdom to procure grain for the family.

Yusuf (pbuh) recognized his brother's immediately and treated them with great kindness. They had not recognized him in his royal attire and Yusuf (pbuh) did not tell them. He inquired of them about their family and their father. They told him of their younger brother who they had lost and how it had made their father go blind with grief. Then they spoke of having another brother. When they were leaving with grain. Yusuf (pbuh) insisted that they had to leave one of them as security. They must also bring their youngest brother when they return or else they would not be given additional grain. They had no choice and one of them had to stay.

The brothers returned with their youngest brother Benyamin. Upon seeing him Yusuf (pbuh) was brought to tears, he revealed to his brothers his identity and provided many gifts and supplies for his brothers to present to their father. Then he invited them to come with their families and stay during the duration of the famine. Just as Yusuf (pbuh) had seen in his dream as a child, his brothers returned to Egypt with his parents and their children, all of them bowed to Yusuf (pbuh). He treated them with great kindness and love forgiving them for what had transpired. He enjoyed the next seventeen years with his father.

Yusuf (pbuh) lived to the age of one hundred and ten years. He was buried in Egypt. Peace be upon Yusuf.



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